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Lighthouse hangs then performs no tests — why?


(Please note that I have also posted this as a question on StackOverflow:

We are using Lighthouse to run unit tests on Silverlight 4 .xap files.

Regularly, but seemingly randomly, on our build server it does the following:

10:18:08 C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\jobs*\workspace>Lighthouse.exe "\Bin\Release*.xap" "TestResults*.xml"
10:18:10 Test Results file name: TestResults*
10:18:10 Sending signal to Lighthouse Test Executor to start executing tests.
10:21:54 Lighthouse v1.01 (c) 2011 - Remote Unit Test Run Started.
10:21:54 Total Test Assemblies: 1 Total Test Methods: 61.
10:21:55 Testing results saved to file: TestResults******.xml
10:21:55 Total Tests: 61 | Tests Passed: 0. | Tests Failed: 0
10:21:55 Exiting (-1) because no Unit Tests were executed - this can't be right, right?

So it hangs for about 4 minutes, says the run has started, then runs no test and immediately stops.

I cannot find any clue on what is going wrong-- this also occurs when no other build is running in parallel, and on developers' machines the tests are executed fine. After a reboot of our build server, the first Lighthouse test failed, and from then on all others seem to succeed. This feeds my suspicion that some process is hanging on to some resource which Lighthouse needs.

Does anyone have any clue where to start looking for a possible cause?



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